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Equal opportunity and affirmative action are integral to the Maine Art Education Association because we recognize that the organization’s present and future strength is based primarily on people and their skills, experience, and potential to develop. To this end, MAEA does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, height, weight, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or other legally protected characteristic. MAEA is committed to providing qualified individuals access to all professional development and leadership opportunities on the basis of demonstrated ability, performance, and merit without regard to personal factors that are irrelevant to the association and tasks involved. MAEA is free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and incivility where members are valued, supported, and afforded equitable access to participate, succeed, and strive for excellence.

The Maine Art Education Association is committed to ensuring this website is accessible to all of our users. If you need information that you cannot gain access to on this website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


The Maine Art Education Association is a statewide professional organization whose members are committed to excellence in visual arts education.


  1. To encourage best practices in standards-based and learner-centered visual arts classrooms in all Maine schools

  2. To foster high quality teaching in visual arts and provide professional opportunities in curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as in current issues and artistic practice

  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and support collaboration among educators and other arts agencies to ensure quality programs for all learners


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Heidi O’Donnell

The Maine Art Education Association is a statewide professional organization for individuals interested in, or engaged in activities concerned with or related to art, art education, or education, in the state of Maine.